Two unremarkable normal guys. We both have engineering/Defense contracting backgrounds but after having to go through so much to avoid covid mandates and disgust over our industries silence during the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster we knew we had to do something different.
X9: A Bitter Vet
BC: An Angry Citizen


Lictors were highly trained and armed citizens in the Roman Republic responsible for safeguarding civilian oversight of government. Lictors disappeared when Rome became an Empire largely replaced by the 'loyal to the Emperor' Praetorian Guard.

Lictors were renowned for an axe bundled in reeds they carried that symbolized their authority called a Fasces. This symbol can still be found today flanking the Speakers podium in the US House of Representatives.

Are there American Lictors out there? Men and Women who will stand up and hold our government accountable, help restore our Republic and stop our descent into Tyranny?


We were so tired of falling into the same trap again and again. A company comes out claiming to be the 'conservative' this or the 'proud American' that only to be revealed as more of the same. You know who we're talking about.... Coffee Makers who call us extremists, other 'Patriotic' T-shirt makers who couldn't offshore quick enough once big.

Don't be fooled by these half measures.We were tired of being lied to and misled over and over and over....so we decided to go out and start the type of business we've always wanted to see and support.


All of our apparel are Screen Printed and NOT heat transfer. This is time consuming and more expensive, but the result is far superior and longer lasting. Most shirt companies online use Drop shippers where they never see their own product. The order is sent to a third party and heat transferred on to East Asian made shirts. They charge the same but the shirt will shrink 2 sizes and the image will fade out after a few washes.

We screen print our AMERICAN MADE 100% combed ring spun cotton shirts right here in Indiana and Alabama for a high-quality shirt that lasts.If we can't make something in America with American tools, equipment, and labor we will not make it.