Intro Rant

Congress and Industry Leaders have made it clear they are incapable and unwilling to bring back US manufacturing.Rebuilding the supply chain starts and ends with us.If we cannot build something in America with American made Tools and using American made components we will not make it.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. This law by the FTC really is not
very difficult to adhere to, that's why we are always shocked to see "patriotic" companies who claim it can't be done or claim it's too expensive. Those statements are patently false.

The law is clear and if you don't explicitly see 'Made in USA' on a website and see some other weird wording it's because they do not comply with the Law and their product does not qualify as Made in USA. Companies get very creative in trying
to mislead you about this, below are some statements we see all the

"Designed/printed in USA"
Translation: "This shirt is made in China but we slapped our design on it and think that should count"
"Made in the Americas"
Translation:"This is made in Mexico or Nicaragua but we wanted to mislead you"
"Packaged/Assembled in the USA"
Translation: "We ordered a bunch of Malaysian parts and slapped our label on it"
"Made in USA Collection"
Translation: "We want to seem like an American Manufacturer so we stocked a couple of shirts in a bunch of designs to appear that way, 99% of our site is
"Made in USA Options"
Translation: "We stocked a few USA made shirts and added those options to every product we could find, good luck finding this in stock though and we have no plans to ever have more than a few on hand"
"We are working towards Made in USA"
Translation:"We want you to think we will eventually make these in USA" Prices are competitive and large volume is available. If they aren't doing it now they have no plans of ever doing so.
'The bait and switch quote'
They will claim Made in USA but when you get a quote it is for Chinese made, they will have a disclaimer well hidden somewhere stating this on their website but your order will make no mention. Always ask and explicitly confirm! It is crazy how often we've come across this one.

Outro Rant

There are no excuses and no half measures. Anyone who doesn't explicitly say 'Made in USA' is trying to mislead and exploit you.

We take things even further. Everything we will ever sell you is made in the USA, using only American Made products from American Suppliers and manufactured using American made tools. If you want more info on where anything we make comes from or you yourself are interested in setting up an American made business please email us, we would love to help out.

Please find below a summary of where our product components come from.


Our T-Shirts, Long sleeve shirts, Hoodies and Tote bag blanks are manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Our Inks are manufactured in California.

Our Printing Equipment and Tools are manufactured in Washington, Arizona and Missouri.

All supporting chemical products are produced at various US Chem plants

.All Designs and labor are done by us in Indiana and Alabama.


Our Wood Stickers and Leatherette Patches are custom made in Louisiana

Our Vinyl Stickers using North Carolina made vinyl come from manufacturers in either Utah or North Carolina.

One-Off prints: Paper is from Texas. Inks and Paints from California


Soft Package Mailers, envelopes and boxes are American Made from ULINE.

Business cards are American made from ULINE or custom made in Louisiana.

We ship with USPS

Made in the USA custom logo for patriotic shirts