Table of Contents

I. Custom Wholesale
II. American Lictor Wholesale
III. Small Batch Customs
IV. American Lictor Modified
V. Print on Demand Services

I. custom wholesale

Interested in bulk purchase of custom All American Made apparel and accessories for your business or event?

Please use the links below for more information on each of the products we offer. These pages cover available colors, inks, design capabilities and pricing structures.


We are happy to offer our own all original designs at wholesale rates. We can also print them in the alternate shirt colors and inks found at the custom wholesale links above.

Please reach out to us directly at

III. Small Batch Customs (apparel)

We are more than happy to accommodate orders under our typical MOQ of 30. However please be aware that we do not have the same supplier side price breaks for these orders and pricing will be more similar to custom work than wholesale.

IV. American Lictor Retail Modified

Custom inks and shirt colors of the American Lictor designs you know and love. For available apparel and ink colors please see the respective wholesale links above. Pricing is per piece.

  • Custom Fee: +$5
  • Custom Ink Color: +$3 (Black and White Free)
  • Custom Apparel Color: +$7
  • +2 week lead time on normal processing

Subject to supplier availability, orders will be confirmed by American Lictor. Lead time begins once payment is processed as non standard components are ordered on demand. All Modified orders ship with standard American Lictor tags and applicable sleeve prints.

Email: to request a Modified Order

V. Print on Demand

Suitable for Small Businesses or Media Personalities who want a quality shirt for their supporters but not quite ready to stock their own inventory.

We charge a flat rate per shirt (higher than wholesale but less than our retail).

We also charge a one time up front cost depending on your design. This is a one time cost per screen needed.

*If looking to use non standard shirt or ink colors (those not in common use amongst our current designs) then a MOQ may also apply for first time customers*